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Are Carrots Good For Dogs? Why Your Pup Will Love Them

Why Should You Include Carrots in your Dog’s Diet?

Dogs deserve a treat all the time, but the ones you give them does not necessarily mean the same dog food they munch all day. Why not give your pooch something different, maybe some carrots?

You probably have heard that some vegetables aren’t safe for dogs, but carrots are a perfect treat. They provide several benefits that make them an ideal alternative to the usual dog treats you buy in stores. 

Carrots Promote Good Dental Health

One of the biggest challenges of being a pet parent is maintaining good dental health. Like humans, dogs suffer from a variety of oral issues, which is why it is crucial to keep their teeth clean all the time. Aside from brushing, you can help your dog by giving it carrots as a treat. Doing so prevents plaque buildup. Frozen carrots are the best because when your dog chews on them, it gradually scrapes the teeth and gets rid of the small accumulation of plaque. It also helps massage the gums. 

Low Fat Treat

Carrots are an excellent low-calorie treat for dogs. If your pooch has diabetes or is overweight, you can’t just stop from giving it treats it deserves. Instead of feeding it the usual treats with loads of fat, sodium, and calories, why not go for something safe and won’t add up to the animal’s weight woes? Carrots are the best because they are low in fat and calories, plus your dog will love the sweet taste, too!

Regular Bowel Movement

One of the things that make carrots stand out as a daily treat for your canine buddy is that it is high in soluble fiber. About 3 ounces of baby carrots contain two grams of fiber. It is best for a dog with loose stools

Rich in Beta-Carotene

Our moms forced us to eat carrots when we were young, saying it is for our eyes. Well, there’s some truth to it because carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a carotenoid and antioxidant that acts as a precursor to vitamin A. 

Rich in Vitamin A

Your dog needs lots of vitamins in its diet because it is necessary for good health and growth. Since carrots are rich in vitamin A, it means you’re doing something right if you feed it with whole carrot or carrot-based treats. The benefits of vitamin A in dogs include that of promoting good eyesight, improving the immune system, and providing a healthier coat and skin.

Different Ways of Preparing Carrots to Feed Your Dog

If your pooch is a fussy eater, then you won’t have a problem feeding it whole carrots. But that’s not to say that it’s the only option. Incorporate carrots to your dog’s regular food to come up with a balanced and healthy meal. For a pup, you can shred or grate the carrots. You can even try carrot juice. 

Petness Happy Contains Nutrient Rich Carrots

Another innovative way of incorporating carrots to your dog’s diet is by combining it with full vegan sweet potato pumpkin treat. The Petness Happy Baked Biscuit treats contain health fortifying full-spectrum hemp oil that relieves anxiety and boosts your pet’s mood.