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Enjoying the Journey with your pet

Camping, Car Rides and CBD in the wilderness. 

By Carrie Busch

If your dog is glued to your side (and if you like it that way), then I urge you to keep reading. From doggy morning breath to circling 20 times in order to find the right spot on your bed, your dog knows what it means to be “man’s best friend.” And you want to take him to everything you do, including next week’s camping trip. As you prep for your trip, make sure you order CALM and MOBILITY dog treats from Pet-Ness. Then, you can set out on a much-needed, worry-free vacay for the next seven days.

A Not-So-Smooth Trip to the Wilderness?

It’s nice to experience the great outdoors, but you’ve got to get there first. And that’s when your car trip comes into play. You’ve packed up just about everything -- except your furry friend -- and now it’s time to get going. 

Problem is, your dog isn’t the kind of guy who likes to let his tongue hang out in the wind on an “exhilarating” car ride. Quite the opposite. Instead, he experiences high stress and anxiety when you take him out of his comfort zone. Your dog imagines that he’s headed to the vet for shots and simply won’t budge when you try to whistle him toward the car. Tail between legs, whining, and parking his rear end on the floor in full-on “no-no-I-won’t-go” mode… he’s obviously not on the same page as you. 

Pet-Ness CALM Dog Treats Help You Enjoy the Journey

This ain’t your first rodeo, so you know how it’s going to be once you get him in the car… it’s yelps and circles and drooling until you reach your destination. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If that’s the case, Pet-Ness CALM Dog Treats are a quick and easy way to make a car ride easier and stress-free. You can also give your dog some CALM treats whenever any other anxiety-inducing event crops up -- lightning storms, fireworks, the presence of other dogs -- you name it. If you don’t want to see your dog in fear, CALM treats are the way to go.

Plus, CALM treats have other benefits in addition to calming your dog’s anxiety. For one, you don’t have to worry about chemicals or scary, unexpected side effects. Since CALM is a 100% natural blend of hemp oil, hemp protein, and chamomile, you can give your dog freedom from an upset stomach, tenseness, fear, stress, and a bad temper. Second, and best of all, CALM doubles as a treat, so you won’t have to roll it up in a piece of deli meat to get him on board. Simply toss him a CALM treat, and be on your way.

Pet-Ness MOBILITY Treats Allows You to Stay Awhile 

Now that you’ve reached your destination, it’s time to set up camp. But since you never know what kind of adventures you might take on when it comes to the wilderness, I’d recommend digging into your stockpile of Pet-Ness MOBILITY Dog Treats. This way, you can make sure your dog can confidently take on a morning hike without paying for it with aches and pains. 

MOBILITY Dog Treats are made up of an all-natural hemp oil formula, packed with turmeric and willowbark. This means you can do away with your dog’s aches, pains, and inflammation so that he can be by your side (pain-free!), no matter where the wind takes you. Whether you end up playing frisbee night after night, hiking together to the peak of a mountain, taking a swim in the river, or laying out in a field to watch the sunset, you and your dog can bank on quality time without any limits.

Other Options for Your Dog’s Health

Pet-Ness has more to offer than CALM and MOBILITY treats. In fact, if you’re looking for a great treat for just any old day, you can try THRIVE or HAPPY dog treats, both of which are all-natural and give your dog a heart-healthy boost of vitamins. No matter your plans, keeping your best friend happy, healthy, active, and stress-free is just one way you can take the best care of him. After all, he’s never let you down before, has he?