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Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Dogs

Best Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Dogs

It may be surprising to some pet parents, but joint pain is quite common in dogs. As many as one in five dogs suffer from it, and it is increasingly becoming a serious issue. Joint pain happens when the cartilage and ligaments between the bones begin to deteriorate.

As your dog gets older, the joints no longer have the capacity to repair themselves, which is why they start rubbing against each other. The friction between the bones is the reason for your dog's pain, and it could become intolerable for dogs as they get older.

Joint Pain Isn't Just For Old Dogs!

But joint pain isn’t exclusive to old dogs. Even young pups may experience it. You’ll quickly figure that out when you notice your pooch stops running and jumping like it used to; you may not know it, but joint pain could be the culprit.

Although there’s always the option of going to a veterinarian to get a prescription, know that there are a handful of natural remedies for joint pain in dogs.

1 – Willow Bark

A white willow bark (salix alba) is the raw material from which aspirin is derived. It is widely used as an organic substitute for aspirin, especially in dealing with inflammation, blood clots, and musculoskeletal pain.

Not many people know that willow bark is a recommended anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever for pets. Veterinarians even recommend it for treating arthritis and joint pain in dogs, although it can be toxic to cats because of the salicylate content. When you’re administering white willow bark to your dog, be sure it is in small amounts.

2 – Glucosamine

There is indeed no cure for arthritis in dogs, but a few natural treatments are effective in not just minimizing pain, but also improving your pooch’s mobility. One of those natural treatments is glucosamine. It is a naturally occurring compound that’s commonly used for treating arthritis in humans and animals like dogs and horses.

For dogs, the use of this chondroprotective agent results in the alleviation of pain and joint wear in hip dysplasia, treatment of spinal disc injury, and recovery from joint surgery. You can also give your dog a glucosamine-based supplement to keep it active and physically fit. The substance is commonly derived from oysters, crabs, and shrimp. It can also be extracted from plant sources through synthesis.

3 – Milk Thistle

A flowering plant called Silybum marianum or commonly referred to as milk thistle is a known liver tonic since Roman times. It is a traditional herb that’s accepted by science as having a considerable medicinal value. But what you probably didn’t know is that it can also help dogs suffering from inflammation as a direct result of inflammatory bowel disease? The plant contains a flavonoid called “silymarin” that has proven anti-inflammatory properties.

4 – Turmeric

Turmeric is derived from the root of a flowering plant. It is like the texture and taste of ginger, but it has a distinct orange color. The active ingredient in turmeric, turmeric curcumin, contains powerful healing properties. The root is used as an effective holistic treatment option for dogs against pain and discomfort.

Although it is widely used in Asia and the Middle East as an ingredient for spicy food, you should know that it is also a remarkable treatment option for inflammation.

5 – Cannabis Oil

We all have heard about the tons of benefits cannabis oil can provide to humans. It is generating huge interest because of the potential in treating stress, anxiety, pain, seizures, and even cancer.

But what's more interesting is that hemp oil-based products are just as effective in dogs as in people. To be specific, there are supplements containing cannabis oil that is marketed to provide pain relief and anti-inflammation. The cannabinoids present in marijuana will interact with the endocannabinoid system in animals, including dogs and humans. The interaction between the receptors in the body and the cannabinoids effectively modulates sensations like that of emotional stress, anxiety, and most importantly, pain.

Best of all, cannabis oil does not have any life-threatening effects on dogs, provided it is given in the right dosage. Unlike conventional pain medications for dogs, it does not cause any damage to the kidneys and liver. And no, dogs don’t get high!

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