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Managing Your Dog's Seizures

What to Do if Your Dog Is Having Seizures?

For dog owners, watching their pet having a seizure is both terrifying and heartbreaking. If it’s your first time seeing your dog experiencing one or two episodes, don’t panic. Seizures are usually not life-threatening, except in some cases where dogs might get injured or be exposed to a specific danger.

Here’s what to do if your dog is having seizures:

During a seizure

1. Stay calm. Your dog is not in pain and is mostly unconscious during a seizure. He might feel tired, giddy, or disoriented afterwards, which is perfectly normal.

2. Mind your own safety. Keep your hands away from the mouth area to avoid getting bitten unintentionally by your dog.

3. Remove anything that might hurt your dog like sharp objects, furniture, or electrical devices.

4. Move your dog to a safe location if there’s a risk of falling, drowning, or being run over (e.g. roads and highways). Gently pull him by the hind legs to a safer area.

5. Put something beneath your dog like old newspapers, just in case (your dog might poop or pee during a seizure).

6. Let the seizure run its course. Most seizures last for a few seconds to more than a minute. However, if it takes longer than five minutes or happens in succession (two or more in a day), seek help from a local veterinarian as soon as possible.

After a seizure

1. If your dog regains consciousness after a seizure and walks it off, it is probably due to a congenital condition known as idiopathic epilepsy – the most common cause of seizure in dogs. It’s doesn’t require immediate medical attention.

2. Has your dog checked by your local veterinarian, especially if he has two or more seizures in a row or if he does not fully recover from it? Other causes of seizure in dogs include liver disease, kidney failure, brain tumors, brain trauma, rabies, or toxins. Taking your dog to the veterinarian will help rule out the cause of a seizure.

3. Reassure your dog to make it feel safe. If he goes through another one shortly after, repeat the procedure and contact your veterinarian right away.

4. Keep notes about your dog’s seizures. When do they usually occur? What triggered the seizure? How long does it last? This way, you’ll be more prepared and stay away from situations that might endanger your dog.

Managing your dog’s seizure

Seizures can be minimized or become less severe by giving medications such as Phenobarbital, K-Bro Vet or Diazepam which are a well-known sedative, anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant. They help regulate neural activity to stop the onset of seizures. Unfortunately, they’re also known to be habit-forming and could lead to more frequent seizures if discontinued.

Dog owners are now starting to see the potential benefits of CBD in managing seizures in dogs as shown in the medical literature about CBD. Doctors are still trying to understand the exact mechanism of CBD in the endocannabinoid system. But suffice to say, CBD has had a remarkable result in animal testing, which makes it a viable alternative to anticonvulsive drugs, if not better. For one thing, CBD is not habit-forming, and, unlike synthetic drugs, it is not known to have negative side effects.

How to administer CBD to your dog

Like most people, different breeds of dogs respond differently to CBD. As a rule of thumb, the larger your dog, the more CBD he needs. CBD for dogs usually come in oils, capsules, and treats.

If you’re using CBD oil, start by giving 2-4 drops daily. Monitor your dog’s seizure and work your way up if needed. For CBD capsules, give once or twice per day. Same with CBD oil, check your dog for signs of improvement and adjust accordingly. CBD in dog treats, on the other hand, can vary greatly and should be given as instructed in the packaging.

Refer to your local veterinarian for more detailed instructions. If you are looking for the best brand that has high-quality and organic CBD, check out With varieties of CBD products – from tincture to snacks, you can be sure you’ll get something that your pet will surely love.