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Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

It’s interesting to know that sweet potato was once a staple in the Americas during the colonial times, especially when you consider that the majority of Americans these days choose the white potato variety over it. Sweet potatoes are one of those power foods with a handful of health benefits. They’re delicious, too! But have you thought about sharing it with your dog?

Numerous studies showcase how beneficial sweet potatoes are for your canine buddy. The most notable benefit is that it is a practical source of dietary fiber, something your dog needs. Some dog breeds suffer from digestive system issues. If you own one, giving it some sweet potato serving could help its digestive system work like the way it’s supposed to.

Health Benefits of Giving Sweet Potatoes to Your Dogs

It is also good for the heart. When dogs get enough fiber in their diet, it will lower the risk of heart disease. Sweet potatoes are proven to reduce the likelihood of causing damage to the animal’s digestive tract. It also won’t cause any immune response.

Not a lot of pet owners are aware that sweet potatoes are a preferred ingredient in commercial dog foods, and the reason is that it is an affordable and readily available source of carbohydrate. Dogs are physically active, which is why adding carbs in their diet is crucial because it is a primary source of energy.

Sweet Potatoes Nutritional Value

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of a handful of vitamins and minerals. The list includes that of vitamins A, B6, C, as well as iron, calcium, and potassium. Dogs need a lot of vitamin A since it helps in keeping the muscles and nerves healthy. It is also a key component for maintaining healthy eyes and skin. Vitamin C is for the immune system.

Are there any dangers associated with giving sweet potatoes to your dog? 

But you should be careful when feeding sweet potatoes to your diabetic or overweight dog. The same thing applies to a pet that’s less active and prefers to lay down all day. The reason is that sweet potato has a high glycemic index, which means you could be feeding your four-legged buddy with unwanted carbohydrates and sugar that don’t get frequently used as a source of energy for physical activity.

Preparing Sweet Potatoes for Your Dog

If you’re feeding your dog sweet potato, be sure that it’s cooked. Remove the skin because it may cause digestion issues later. It is never recommended to give raw sweet potato to a dog. Aside from the fact that it is difficult for a small animal to chew it, there’s also a possibility of causing intestinal blockage and an upset stomach. Eating raw sweet potato also increases the risk of choking.

Even with the numerous benefits of sweet potatoes, you still must exercise moderation in feeding them to your dog. There are several factors you must weigh in deciding how much is enough. The list includes the size of your dog, general health considerations, and activity level.

Because sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, you cannot give it as the primary source of nutrition for your dog. Instead, there must be a balance between carbs and protein. If you are not sure about implementing a balanced diet for your pet, the best option is to consult a veterinarian.

Despite a recent alert posted by the U.S Food and Drug Administration about the risks of pets developing canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) when eating food containing potatoes and a bunch of other ingredients, there isn’t any indication that sweet potatoes will harm your dog. The safest way of figuring out if sweet potato is ideal for your canine buddy is by feeding it initially in small quantities.

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