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Pet-Ness showcases the Amor Handmade collection.

We felt inspired by the amazing energy that comes from the Amor Handmade Woman’s collective and are looking forward to presenting you with this unique and amazing collection of leashes and collars from Amor Handmade. We excited to help shed light on their ancestral Mayan weaving techniques and leather work. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the bright colors and graphic patterns woven by these talented women artisans.

Pet-Ness is thrilled to showcase Amor Handmade products for many reasons.

1. The women are outstanding artisans, weavers and leather worker who are dedicated preservationists of their craft and culture.

2. Their work is of outstanding quality with striking colors and designs that standout in a crowd .

3. Amor Handmade is incredibly community-minded, socially responsible, they take care of their members and are intent on improving the outlook of the next generations. Amor Handmade pays the artisans their asking price or better upfront so they can earn a livable and fair wage.

Another important detail to note,

100% of all proceeds from all sales of Amor products on our site goes directly to AMOR HANDMADE.

Know Your HEMP

As a pet owner, you might be wondering what is HEMP Extract and how can it help my pet live its best life?  Well, we’re going to break it all down in layman’s terms to give you a clear understanding on how HEMP Extract can benefit your pet.