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Why is CBD so expensive?

Why is CBD So Expensive, and Why Do Some Brands Cost More Than Others?

Why Do Certain Brands of Pet CBD Cost More than the Others?

It is only natural for us to compare the cost of one product to another, and the same thing applies when choosing a pet CBD brand. So, you might ask, “Why do certain brands of Pet CBD Cost more than the others?”

Quality is the primary factor that differentiates the price of certain brands of CBD to others. Some brands offer expensive CBD since they extract it from pure and organic hemp using methods that are reliable and safe.

How Much Does Pet CBD Cost (on Average)

High-quality CBD is usually more expensive. It can be as much as $400 depending on size, strength, and type. CBD has become so expensive due to popular demand.

What Are the Factors That Affect Pet CBD's Price?

CBD product’s overall costs often have something to do with the quality of the CBD oil. But have you ever wondered what makes a high-quality CBD product?

Well, three key things contribute to that. The first one is the extraction method that the brand applies. The second is where they are sourcing their hemp. And the third one is if they are partnering with third-party labs for both testing and quality assurance.

Hemp Source

One of the determining factors of CBD product’s quality is the source of the hemp. You can only get the best CBD oil from hemp that is organic, pesticide-free, and, non-GMO. However, these products may be more expensive than the others since it is from pure, organic hemp.

Methods of Extraction

There are multiple ways on how to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. Steam distillation, CO2 extraction, natural solvent extraction, which usually involves the use of ethanol, and hydrocarbon extraction are the most common methods.

But among all, the most efficient way for extracting high concentrations of CBD is the CO2 extraction. Supercritical CO2 extraction is considered the best method since it doesn’t need high temperatures and pressures to get the purest form of CBD extract. It would mean that the end product’s properties are not affected by the high heat, unlike the other methods. Thus, compared to those extracted with the use of steam distillation or natural solvent extraction, CBD oils produced from CO2 extraction are more high-priced.

On the other hand, CBD oil coming from hydrocarbon extraction may be cheaper since it is less safe and potentially dangerous. It leaves toxic residue during the final stages of hemp extraction.

Lab Testing by Third Parties

An unbiased third-party lab is what reputable CBD brands rely on in testing their products. They are in favour of working with a dependable third-party lab for the safety and potency of their products since their primary goal is to provide safe and effective high-quality CBD oils. This factor plays a crucial role to the point that it is understandable why its price continues to increase.

Moreover, you should be cautious if a particular brand doesn’t partner with a third-party lab to assess their oils as it only means that their product is not worth it.

How to Choose the Best Pet CBD Brand

When choosing a CBD brand, there are essential factors that you need to keep in mind to get the best one. You should start by checking if the company’s product features full or broad-spectrum hemp. Next, you have to make sure that the CBD oil they are offering to you for your pet is made with CO2 extraction as it is the safest method among all.

In addition, you must avoid buying products from brands that lack a certificate of analysis, and you should know where your dog’s CBD oil’s hemp source is grown. Lastly, don’t be cheap. If you want to ensure the wellbeing of your pets, don’t hesitate to choose expensive CBD oils from brands that guarantee excellent results.

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