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What CBD Products Cats Like the Most?

What CBD Products Cats Like the Most?

What CBD Products Cats Like the Most?

With old age, your cat may experience a few health problems such as chronic pain, arthritis and cancer. Even younger cats may struggle with anxiety, epilepsy and aggression. There may be treatments available to ease these conditions, but they are often expensive and are associated with some side effects that can make the condition worse instead of treating the symptoms.

One of the natural ways to treat your cat's health issue or to improve their quality of life is using CBD which is not only cheap and effective but also safe for your feline friends to use. CBD comes in a vast range of products such as oil that are specific for cats.

CBD is known for the health benefits that it can provide to humans such as relieving anxiety and pain and research say that cats can get the same benefits. It is no wonder why many cat owners have decided to use CBD to help their cats increase appetite, manage pain and improve life quality.

If you are new into using CBD, you might wonder how exactly CBD helps cats, how it works and what's the right amount to give to your cat. To start with, CBD is a cannabidiol extract originating from cannabis. The cannabinoid present in the plant share the same structure to the endocannabinoids found in the endocannabinoid system.

Although the sensitivity of this system varies from one compound to another, their purpose is the same and that is to keep the body in homeostasis state. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating different bodily functions including appetite, inflammation, sleep, mood and temperature. By introducing cannabinoids to cats, their endocannabinoid system gets a boost of the cannabinoids that helps in doing its job more efficiently.

One thing that cat owners have to remember when deciding to give CBD to their cats is that this product is not for treating the condition. It works rather by controlling the symptoms and making it easier for felines to bear their condition.

CBD Products to Give to Your Cats

CBD is available in different forms and you can choose one depending on the preference of your cat or the condition they have that you are trying to treat. One of the most popular CBD products is oil. They usually come with a dropper to easily mix them into the water or food. It is also useful in directly putting the oil into their mouth.

Treats are another great option. Your cat won't be able to tell that it is different from their regular treats because they look the same. They can't say no to a treat that comes in their favorite flavor but with CBD in it. This is the easiest method that many cat owners would agree on.

Topicals are also available and can be rubbed easily on their fur or skin. CBD lotions and creams are ideal if your cat does not like to take the CBD orally.

These products contain CBD which means that they are all effective and safe to take. But if you want your cat to feel the effects right away, especially when it comes to alleviating pain, you will find topical and sublingual tinctures to be the best variety.

Giving CBD treat to your cat or mixing the oil into their food or water may take a while for the effect of the CBD to take place. That is because the oil will pass through the digestive system first before they could get into the bloodstream. The method that you choose should depend on how fast you want your cat to experience the effects.

What is the exact dosage? As a cat owner, you want to make sure you are getting the right information on this area. However, like most natural products for pet, you can't get a definite dosing guideline for CBD. More often, the amount of CBD your cat needs will depend on their weight, the kind of condition they have and their tolerance for the product. It is also important to have a word with your vet to see if it is really the best option for your cat and to get an idea of how much CBD you should give your cat each day.