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Is CBD Oil Dangerous for Dogs to Take?

Is CBD Oil Dangerous for Dogs to Take?

Is CBD Oil Dangerous for Dogs to Take?

As a dog owner, you want to explore a few different ways to improve your dog's well-being and ensure they stay disease-free. There are many innovative options and products available today for your furry loved ones, from teats, to enrichment toys and the latest which is CBD. But is it safe for your dogs to take?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound found in cannabis known for its health benefits without the psychotic effects of marijuana which means that using it won't give your pet any "high". There have already been studies conducted which proved its effectiveness and safety and for this reason, more dog owners have been turning to CBD when it comes to treating various health conditions and in improving the overall life quality of their pets.

If you are unsure of how safe CBD is, here is a short guide for you to understand clearly the therapeutic benefits of this product and why more vets are recommending it to fur parents like you.

What exactly is CBD and how does it work?

As mentioned earlier, CBD comes from the Cannabis plant. It is basically an extract of the plant but is totally different from the THC or the compound which releases the "high" effect that you definitely would not want. Although these compounds were found to provide benefits to the human body, in the cases of canines, the THC can have negative effects in their brains.

Dogs and humans have both endocannabinoid system that is affected by the cannabis and since there are more THC and CB1 receptors in canine brains than humans, cannabis can create different effects. Due to their intense sensitivity in THC, dogs should not be given with anything that has THC otherwise they will experience undesirable effects. Only products with CBD should be given to dogs. The good thing is that this cannabis extract has no THC which means that your dog can safely have them and get the benefits.

The Benefits of CBD in Dogs

There are several benefits that CBD brings in dogs. Its cannabinoid receptor is helpful in regulating the response of dogs in conditions such as nausea, physical pain, stress, anxiety and many others. CBD has the ability to increase the dopamine levels of dogs which reduce pain and stress while improving their mood. The anti-inflammation property of the compound also helps in reducing the reproduction of cancer cells.

CBD benefits include:

  • Reducing anxiety – CBD has calming effects which help canines suffering from anxiety relax.
  • Relieving arthritis – Thanks to the anti-inflammatory property of CBD, your dog does not have to endure the painful effects of arthritis making it easier for them to run around and enjoy their life fully.
  • Helping with cancer – Dogs suffering from cancer are likely to suffer from nausea due to medications and treatments. CBD helps in preventing these after effects and in improving the symptoms. In fact, there have been studies which proved CBD to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  • Boosting appetite – Dogs with cancer are likely to have trouble with their appetite. CBD can help restore your dog's healthy appetite because it binds to the brain receptors which trigger hunger and will stimulate your dog to eat more.
  • Treating seizures – CBD is a great alternative to anti-seizure treatments because it is cheaper and more bearable for dogs to take, especially after taking some medications which may cause them to experience depression. Some studies have also proved the promising benefits of CBD in treating canine epilepsy.

These benefits only go to show that CBD is ideal for dogs, especially when administered the right way. But how much CBD should you give to your dog?

No matter how beneficial CBD is, when given at the wrong dosage, they may have unwanted effects to your canines. Hence, it is important to consult your veterinarian and seek for recommendations on how much CBD oil should you give your pet on a daily basis. Basically, you need to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it until a positive effect is seen in your dogs and at that point, you should continue with the same dosage unless there are changes in its body weight.

To sum it all up, CBD is highly beneficial to dogs and is safe for them to take.