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CBD Success Story: Learn How Hemp Can Help Your Dog

CBD Success Story: Learn How Hemp Can Help Your Dog

Success Story: How Hemp Can Help Dogs

Like any good pet owner should be, we were skeptical at first, so we went looking for real life success stories of people using Petness CBD. That's when we discovered the amazing story of the German Shepherd Jessy.

Jessy, 6 years old, had cancer - multicentric lymphoma, which made her lethargic, feverish, anorexic and weak. Her quality of life started to drastically change. An accidental hip injury during a play session with the children also left her with an occasional limp, making the situation even worse.

The multicentric Lymphoma was already in the later stages, so surgery wasn't an option. As any distressed pet owner would do, Sarah (Jessy's owner) began giving her medications. She gave her pain medicine mixed in peanut butter for her hips, as well as chemotherapeutic drugs for her cancer. But when Sarah administered the chemotherapeutic drugs, Jessy didn't respond; she didn't go into any durable remission periods.

So the next step Sarah was told to take is to administer "rescue agent" medication. These are reserved for later use in case chemotherapeutic solutions fail. Sarah also learned that even If Jessy responds to these rescue agents, the median survival rate with these medicines is only 1.5 to 2.5 months. With conventional chemotherapy on the other hand, dogs have a 60-90% chance of living 6-12 months and 20-25% have a chance of living for 2 years or more. So, Sarah became determined to find a way to make the chemotherapy work better.

Sarah's Solution

After a period of brief research, Sarah decided to take a leap of faith and give Petness chewable dog treats to Jessy. According to her holistic vet, the CBD contained within Petness products is supposed to combat pain naturally, as well as fight cancer cells.

Sarah was aware of the legalization trend of marijuana and heard about the benefits of medicinal marijuana, but she didn't know that Petness had found a way of offering these benefits in supplement form for dogs without the psychoactive effects of ordinary cannabis. With a quick Google search she found the website. The transparent description of the products, its benefits for animals and the real-life testimonials of other pet owners gave her enough reason to order it for Jessy.

After ordering Petness Dog Chews, she received them in just a few days and then started administering them as directed on the package. In just the first week Jessy was already showing signs of improvement.

Her slow gait started to dissipate and her lethargic demeanor began to change. The pain in her hips appeared to go away, and the symptoms of her cancer seemed to be lessening as well. She started gaining more weight and became more energetic too. She was able to play with the kids like before (but not as rough to avoid reinjuring her hips). And as for Sarah, she made the right decision going for Petness Dog Chews; she saved a lot of money from not buying rescue agents, and potentially bought her dog a few more years of life.

Our team became obsessed with these results, and after sifting through piles of studies online, concluded that Petness has some of the highest potency of cannabidiol (CBD). This is truly remarkable, since it comes in easy to administer a chewable form! And even better news is that this product is being offered legally to US residents in all 50 states.