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CBD success stories about dogs who are living healthy.

CBD Success Stories – 3 Dogs Who Are Living Healthy with CBD

CBD Success Stories—3 Dogs Who Are Living Healthy with CBD

Success stories of dogs living healthy lives with CBD are few and far between. Most dog owners have social media groups for sharing their own experiences with CBD. If you’re one of those people looking to find stories of hope and reassurance, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s hear from Carole, Lori, and Warren. Here are CBD success stories – 3 dogs who are living healthy with CBD.

How CBD Eased Coco’s Pain

Carole owns an Old Mastiff who had been suffering from dysplasia and severe arthritis. Coco is just 3 years old and weighs 72 kilograms. She could barely walk from all the pain on both knees. Her vet gave her two options. She can either have surgery or take anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of her life.

Carole cannot afford surgery and took the second option. She gave Coco anti-inflammatory drug (Tramadol 150mg) twice a day for several days and somewhat improved her dog’s condition. However, she noticed Coco is a little ‘spaced out’ and had a noticeable decrease in alertness. Tramadol is a known opioid pain killer with some serious side effects like decreased alertness, seizure and anxiety.

She stopped giving the drug and thought more seriously about surgery. But the astronomical cost of operation forced her to look for an alternative pain killer without the adverse side effects. She heard about using CBD oil for dogs and thought, why not? She gave Coco CBD oil for a month, and to her amazement, her dog is no longer in pain and doesn’t look ‘spaced out.’ CBD helped Coco out of her misery, and both of them were very happy.

Lori’s 12-year Old Leonberger

Lori owns a pet food company in Whitby, Ontario. She can’t help but get emotional each time her 12-year Old Leonberger go through seizures. Most dogs his age — roughly 69 in dog years — will start having seizures at some point in their life. At first, her seizures were sporadic. But just recently, her dog had a massive seizure, and Lori thought she’s already losing her.

Lori talked to one of her customers one day, and she suggested giving CBD to her Leonberger. After just three days of giving CBD, she noticed a remarkable change in her dog. Her seizures start to taper off, becoming less frequent and more manageable over time. She spread the good news to her clients about the miracle she found in CBD. She didn’t start selling CBD, but she is happy to share some information with those who wanted to see the difference of using CBD for their beloved pets.

Help for Anxious Dogs

Warren owns a Bordernese (Border Collie/Bernese cross). Border Collies are extremely territorial. They’re known for their aggressiveness and predisposition to stress and anxiety. He tried giving CBD to her Bordernese to see if there’s any difference after using the product.

CBD offered some relief to his dog’s anxiety, and she’s not as aggressive and restless as she used to. It could also help with his dog’s genetic tendency to develop hip dysplasia with age as a Bernese hybrid.

CBD helped calm his dog’s anxiety, and he plans on taking a trip to the vet to get rid of her anxiety once and for all.

What’s Your Story?

One of these stories might be your story as well. We want you to know there is hope. Hundreds of pet owners have already seen the benefits of CBD on their dog’s well-being. Bring back the joy in their eyes and let them live a happy, pain-free, life once more.