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CBD and weight loss go hand-in-hand.

CBD And Weight Loss In Dogs – Helping Them Maintain A Healthy Weight

Can CBD Oil Help your Dog Lose Weight or Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Due to the extreme love we have for our dogs, we tend to give them more food than we’re supposed to. We love seeing them eat all the treats we give them that they end up being overfed. Apart from food, there are also other reasons a dog can get overweight. Inactivity and injury are among them. Just like humans, our furry friends also have an ideal weight to maintain, to keep them healthy and free from certain diseases that obesity is associated with.

Unfortunately, many dogs are overweight and it is not good for them. As their weight increases, they become vulnerable to different health conditions such as heart disease, joint pains, cancer and diabetes. The best thing you can do is to give your dog the recommended amount of food that they should have every day and let them exercise.

But there is another method that might also work for your dog and that is CBD. You probably have heard about CBD before and its helpful benefits to the health of human but not much about how it is also a good option for your dog, especially if it is overweight.

Let’s get things straight first. CBD is not harmful. Although it comes from the cannabis plant, this compound has no “high” effect which means that it won’t harm your dog’s mentality. It is also not a fat burning supplement for canines. According to research, CBD helps in promoting weight loss and suppressing appetite. It is also discovered to help in indirectly breaking down fat.

How CBD Oil Helps with Canine Weight Loss

The use of CBD oil in pets has become a huge topic. While there were studies conducted about its effectiveness and benefits, some dog owners seem to be unconvinced with how it really helps their pet. Adding to their worry is the safety and the possible side effects that were uncovered in the research.

But the good news is that CBD is proven to be beneficial to your dog’s health. It may be a cannabis compound, but it is actually sourced from hemp which is a cannabis plant variety. This is used in pet supplements and the reason it is safe is because hemp is different from marijuana which has high THC levels. Hemp has high CBD levels, on the other hand and this substance has therapeutic effects so it is alright for your dog to take it.

CBD is highly beneficial in keeping your dog active and moving. Dogs that are obese and overweight tend to have pains in their joints making them not wanting to go on walks. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of CBD helps in keeping your dog become more active.

There are many ways to use CBD oil other than maintaining the healthy weight of your dog or helping them lose weight. It can also treat certain conditions in dogs. The endocannabinoid system of dogs is similar to that of humans and is consist of a bunch of receptors. Dogs have CB1 and CB2 receptors which CBD targets in order to restore balance when there is discrepancy making it good for various ailments dogs may have.

In using CBD for your dog, it is important to determine first the cause of the weight gain to make sure that there are no medical treatments required to manage their weight effectively. Once the cause is discovered, you can proceed with selecting the CBD oil product that can come in the form of extract concentrate, capsule, tropical, oil tincture and treat.

CBD helps dogs that are obese and overweight in many ways. CBD oil, when administered properly, can help your overweight dog maintain a healthier appetite, improve their metabolism, burn fat, gain more energy, increase heart health, regulate levels of their blood sugar, lift their mood and ease inflammation and pain.

So if you have tried reducing your dog’s food intake and see no progress at all, consider using CBD oil. Remember that it does not just work in suppressing your furry friend’s appetite, but in improving their overall condition and keeping them healthier so they stay active and free from any diseases as they grow old.