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Are there Risks to Giving Your Dog CBD Oil?

Are there Risks to Giving Your Dog CBD Oil?

Are There Any Risks to Giving Your Dog CBD Oil?

Have you been wondering if CBD is completely safe for your dog? Are there any risks to giving your dog CBD oil? In this article, we will discuss CBD and any risks it may present to your beloved Fido. However, let us look at the benefits and determine whether the risks we will present here bear any weight in your decision to treat your dog with CBD.

CBD oil helps support and maintain a healthy balance in the body by activating the endocannabinoid system. It is true for humans and dogs alike. Here are just a few advantages of CBD among an exhaustive list of issues it can relieve:

  • anxiety - CBD is found to suppress anxiety in dogs
  • cancer - CBD has antitumor properties, which means it can reduce the growth of cancer cells
  • pain -CBD is considered to treat chronic pain in dogs
  • nausea – CBD is an effective treatment for nausea and improves appetite as well

Possible Side Effects of CBD in Dogs

CBD oil is derived from the plant cannabis – the fact that it is plant-based eliminates half the risks.

Very few side effects have been recognized. Given the few side effects, that your dog could experience any of them will hurt or endanger your dog. Not even a high dose of CBD oil will lead to death.

Here are the few side effects of CBD for dogs:

* Dry Mouth
CBD can decrease saliva production. This will increase the thirst of your dogs.

* Low Blood Pressure
This can cause dizziness, but it is not fatal

* Drowsiness
The drowsiness occurs from the soothing effect and anti-anxiety support

Harmful Risks of CBD Oil in Dogs

The brief answer is yes, it is entirely safe for your dogs. Safety and risks, however, have not been thoroughly investigated, but customer review and experience are an excellent resource for support. The FDA has not published any information about CBD as a medicine and has not recommended the proper dosage for CBD. It is because of these that they have not approved its use.

CBD has so much beneficial health to offer that it would be a detriment not to use it as a viable supplement because it has no established dosage. Thus, an alternate guideline when giving it to your dog is to start always with low amounts to see the reaction.

At Petness, we love our dogs, and we will never put them in harm’s way! We stand by the safety of our products, and you can be sure that we only use the best quality raw materials to produce products using the CO2 CBD oil extraction process – the safest method thus far.

The three factors that help you understand the size of the CBD portion are your dog's breed, age, and weight. Again, there is nothing life-threatening that can happen – even if you give a high dose.

No Life-Threatening Side Effects CBD Oil Is Non-Toxic

Dogs and humans have similar bodies and most drugs that are prescribed for humans are prescribed to dogs but at lower doses. Just like human dogs also have to deal with the side effects of prescribed medicine.

The brief answer is yes, it is completely safe for your dogs.

If there are any risks that may cause some harm, it will hinge upon where you get your CBD products. Ensure the safety and protection of your pet by getting your CBD-infused dog treats and other products from a credible source only.

Your dog deserves CBD products that are derived from the unadulterated hemp plant. CBD products from Petness is non-toxic, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and 100% organically grown. Click and browse the site for a full line of products and delectable treats that your pet will surely love!